Standing out from the rest, Fossil Cottage is a unique holiday location for two people

Ancient stone walls whisper the history of this distinctively beautiful croft cottage. The calm and quirky interior refreshes and intrigues. A big picture window gives spectacular views of the seashore and wildlife immediately outside with amazing colourful sunsets and mountain views beyond.

From the comfort of the armchair you can watch our local otter, the high tide lapping a few feet away.

Privately situated on a tidal estuary full of wildlife, you couldnít be closer to nature. In addition to otters there are seals, seabirds and waders. Eagles and buzzards soar above and herons stand like sentinels by the water's edge. The area is a designated site of scientific interest for its geology and there are giant fossils nearby with smaller ones in the walls of the cottage.

At least 180 years old, Fossil Cottage is full of character and imagination, providing tasteful comfort with an ambience all of its own. No predictable furnishings and standardisation here, but everything you need for a perfect, exclusive holiday.

Nearby along the estuary are beautiful sands, a hidden coral beach island, a fascinating old graveyard and an ancient wishing well.

In spring sheep and lambs wait (or sometimes donít wait) for the tide to go out to cross over to their moorland grazings. The sheep wade and lambs learn to swim only hours after being born.

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Thanks to Martin Benson, Shirley Grant and Bob McMillan for their excellent photos